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Targeting the Target
Texas Bitcoin Conference

Sales Through Audience Building

The Texas Bitcoin Conference is the premiere gathering of cryptocurrency experts, investors, enthusiasts, and potential adopters in Texas. Presumably it shouldn’t be too hard to get people to go to a premiere conference in a giant state. In 20 years it probably won’t be. But for now cryptocurrency is still a niche interest (no matter how much Bitcoin is worth). Not only did the Texas Bitcoin Conference need to reach its target audience, it needed to find a way to convince those unfamiliar with cryptocurrency to set aside skepticism and get interested in the future.

Texas Bitcoin Conference Sales Through Audience Building Case Study

The most important goal was to reach and sell tickets to the people most interested in Bitcoin. The conventional wisdom in social media advertising is that Facebook and Instagram are where you aim your energy and social ad money. There’s nothing conventional about Bitcoin, though, and so we threw that wisdom out the window, because there’s nothing conventional about Rock Candy Media either. Bitcoin’s users are plugged in and tech savvy. They don’t scroll through Facebook like your average suburbanite. They live a little deeper on the web, and on social that means Twitter. Our targeted ads on Twitter went after the people with a passion for Bitcoin. We looked for people who LOVED talking about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, because we figured they might be interested in an event that involved even more talking about those topics. The ads converted. Crazy, right?

If Twitter had been ignored, as it usually is — and if we didn’t understand exactly the type of people who want to, or need to, learn and talk about Bitcoin, it’s doubtful we would’ve sold out the conference. But yeah, we sold out the conference.