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Seducing Them with Ads
Tantric Activation


Sarrah Rose is a professional intimacy coach for men, increasing their confidence and improving their overall wellness. In the world of online advertising, however, big networks like Facebook or Google will scan for and censor any ad content that is remotely sexual. That turned out to be a blessing in disguise, since the right market proved to be more niche.


Rock Candy Media grew brands straight out of the gate in 2009 and didn’t have paid search until 2014. We were built to think creatively and were inherent guerrilla and experiential marketers. Now the biggest player in the game…ad policies.


Ahead of the launch of her Sex Stallion course for men, RCM made a landing page to capture email addresses of prospective buyers. Reddit was the best channel for driving traffic, because it attracted the target audience on their NSFW threads. Plus they had a more tolerant ad policy.


When placing an ad on any website, you want it to mimic the look and feel of the regular, unsponsored content on that site. People don’t knowingly click ads all to often, and Reddit was no exception. The creative for the ads themselves (seen on the reverse page) were simple enough to blend in with the organic threads, yet they were hard to ignore.


The results were almost orgasmic. We got $0.04 per click on Reddit and spent $6.46 for each sale. A safe-for-work Facebook campaign managed to sell the course for an average of just $6.73 per registration. Considering the course costs hundreds of dollars to buy and nothing to reproduce, the profitability here has no limits.