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Leveraging The Webinar

If you’re like us, you probably don’t get terribly excited when you hear the word “webinar.” So when Stratfor asked us to promote their upcoming webinar on domestic terrorism, it was a bit of a departure from our usual branding efforts. Luckily, Stratfor’s webinar was valuable (a rarity in the webinar world) and we relish any opportunity to do something new. In order to bolster sign-ups for the event, we opted to target the webinar crowd where they live – on LinkedIn and Facebook.


Startfor Webinar

Linking In With The Webinar Set

Through our strategic targeting, we were able to generate more than 125,000 impressions for Stratfor’s webinar! Our social media blitz earned Stratfor more than 1500 registrants, 690 attendees and 40 immediate qualified leads – giving us a massive pool of new targets for future campaigns. At RCM, we turn every marketing opportunity into a long term strategy.