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Lisa Mink

Messaging and Content Strategy

Executive coach Lisa Mink works with Fortune 500 executives around the world, helping them develop the skills they need to be more effective leaders. Early in her career as an independent coach, Lisa was relying on referrals to meet new clients, which meant she was often working in the same industries over and over. She came to RCM in hopes that we could expand her sales funnel and give her a little more independence as an independent coach. A new site, a few campaigns and a little personal branding later, and Lisa now has a waiting list for client engagements and the flexibility to turn down engagements that aren’t a fit.

A selective coach is going to pursue selective clients, which meant that we had to very narrowly tailor our messaging and content, as well as the way we delivered it. Since Lisa herself is the brand, her personal social channels became a major asset for acquiring leads. The very first piece of content that we wrote for Lisa, we published on her personal LinkedIn page. The next day, Lisa got a call from one of the most secretive hedge funds in the United States because the post had been widely shared across the executive LinkedIn space. Once leads are hooked on social, the precise messaging and case studies on Lisa’s site does the rest. As one of Lisa’s recent contacts said:

“Your website and how you are presented is, hands down, one of the best I’ve ever seen for what you do, ever. And I look at hundreds of them. Your LinkedIn profile and your unique experience was enough to make me want to reach out. But your website confirmed that you are the real deal.”