Nobody does content like Rock Candy Media, and KnowBuddy is our
one-two punch for audience engagement and data capture.

Contact Form CRM

The KnowBuddy Contact Form CRM creates a login for you to view and sort every inquiry sent through your website’s contact form, to track interest and make sure a lead is never lost.

Puggin.It Chrome Extensions

Get a branded Chrome Extension with your company’s logo. Using the Puggin.It plugin as a model, RCM will devise a plugin with the same photo-swapping capabilities but suited to your brand’s audience.

Personality Quiz

The KnowBuddy Personality Quiz app lets users deploy survey functionality directly on Facebook or your website. Clients can use it to gather important feedback about products or services or to spur audience engagement by offering entertaining interactive . Unlike traditional focus groups or stand-alone surveys, KnowBuddy seamlessly blends in with the social activities that people do every day. There’s no disconnect, no unproductive stock answers, and no time wasted.

Example Quizzes

Proud to Pee in the Shower

Rock Candy Life is our marketing test lab, and became our first KnowBuddy guinea pig. Our non-toxic shower curtains attract an eco-conscious crowd, so we decided to draw attention to the water-saving benefits of peeing in the shower, rather than wasting a gallon of clean drinking water down the toilet bowl.

Know Your SXSelf

Likter, an amateur journalism app, went nationwide on the first day of SXSW- allowing for unedited real-time news to be placed on a virtual map of any US city. Positioned around the SX2014 release, the SX Self quiz was designed to capture the egos of the regulars while also satisfying the curiosities of the newcomers.

What Shoe Wearin?

A Rock Candy media offering for our fashion and lifestyle interest page, Neoprep, this quiz is another example of RCM coining phrases and branding styles to feed back into Rock Candy Life. The aim of this quiz is to bring the self stylists out of their closets and into a world of our own design- and to feed into the new lines of RCL shower curtains with an edgier and unisex style.

Austin Wellness Quiz

For Austin Cancer Centers, a quiz that lightheartedly judged the general health of their visitors while offering advice on how to improve their wellbeing seemed more appropriate than anything involving the various cancers themselves. The advantage of this quiz is in its attitude- it provides a break from dealing with the disease in a way that’s productive, and more importantly, shareworthy.