What Women Want | Wayfinder Survey

Herdacity is a women’s social networking platform founded on the concept of allowing women to talk about the things they actually want to talk about. Often, spaces for women are dictated from the top down; Herdacity wanted to disrupt that and create a place that was shaped by and for the women that used it. Of course, they still needed a starting point. How do we find out what women actually care about? That’s where Rock Candy Media came in with the radical concept of actually asking women.

In order to get our minds around the genuine concerns and interests of women,we gave them the opportunity to speak their minds through a survey we created. The Wayfinder Survey asked them big-picture questions. We sent this survey out to a broad section of women and asked them seriously challenging questions. This was no customer satisfaction survey – each answer required some actual soul searching and thoughtfulness. Despite taking more than an hour to complete, dozens of women responded with incredibly heartfelt answers. Far from being annoyed about taking such a challenging survey, they volunteered deeper and more useful information than we ever anticipated. Some were so impressed by the survey that they even offered their services to the project. The Wayfinder Survey created the foundation for Herdacity and the word of mouth network we needed to launch smart.

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