Life Saving Messaging
Infinite Recovery

Advertising with a Mission

Infinite Recovery is a one-of-a-kind addiction treatment center in Austin. Founded and staffed largely by people who have overcome opioid and heroin addiction themselves, its very existence is living proof of the transformative power of recovery. Infinite Recovery was having trouble communicating this message themselves, so they brought in RCM to transform them so that they could transform others. We were able to provide them with a new website and series of campaigns that spoke to addicts and, perhaps more importantly, their parents.

Our guiding ethos for the messaging and design of the new site was that we wanted to show people the potential of a life so amazing that they wouldn’t want to use. By focusing on the joy and freedom of being drug free, rather than the perils of addiction, we were immediately able to set Infinite Recovery apart. A key messaging element on the new site was a page dedicated solely to mothers of addicts, which contained stories of hope written by mothers of recovered addicts. By honing in on this demographic, we put Infinite Recovery in front of the people who normally make the decision about pursuing treatment. In the first month after our new site and new campaign, RCM had already generated more than $50,000 in revenue for Infinite Recovery.