Rock a Bye Baby Ota

When it comes to content marketing, Spotify playlists are sometimes perceived as a gimmick, but with the right targeting, they can be a brand’s best friend. Baby Ota makes cute, comfy swaddles that soothe fussy babies and give frazzled parents a well-earned break. They’re all about helping little one’s sleep through the night. While Baby Ota focuses on keeping kids cozy, we used a bedtime playlist to help them engage another one of the senses – and their audience.


Beyond the Lullabore

The problem with kids music is that most adults can’t stand it for more than a few minutes at a time. The simple melodies and sing-song lyrics that babies love are pretty tiresome for grownups. To counteract this fact, we scoured Spotify for songs that kids and parents could enjoy and came up with a selection of favorites that would stay tolerable for even the longest nap.


BabyOta instagram shot


From there, it was all about deployment. What good is a playlist if no one is listening to it? We had to meet the moms where they were at, so we turned to Instagram. As you can see, once they got a taste, they were clamoring for more.