Rising Above the Black Friday Fray


Stratfor is a global affairs and intelligence magazine for consumers with a refined intellect, which means they won’t be easily swayed by the typical Black Friday advertising bonanza. Stratfor needed to match the quality of its marketing to the quality of its content, so they brought in Rock Candy Media for a last minute blitz.

The Results:

With less than a week to turn around a Black Friday campaign, RCM decided to take Stratfor’s messaging in a whole new direction by appealing to the thing smart people love the most – feeling smart.

We cooked up a digital campaign to flatter the egos of potential subscribers – emphasizing how Stratfor can help them get ahead in their classes, jobs and everyday conversation. Sure enough, all these smarties took the bait hook, line and sinker. Our campaign netted Stratfor a surge in subscribers – and RCM a new client on retainer.

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