Read Like a Leader | Ebook
Lisa Mink

The business leadership field is riddled with charlatans and hucksters – promising fame and fortune if you follow X easy steps. Lisa Mink isn’t like that. She’s an executive coach who has actually been an executive and she knows what it really takes to be an effective leader. To prove it, we gave people a little taste of Lisa’s wisdom and watched the leads pour in.

Rather than relying on empty promises to get people’s attention, Rock Candy Media and Lisa Mink offered them something with real value: How to be Heard: Communication Strategies for Leaders. How to Be Heard is a concise, informal guide to communicating like a leader, featuring fun art, insights from Lisa’s time as a global Fortune 50 executive in her distinctive style. An RCM digital campaign targeted to audiences we identified as needing real-world advice turned our ebook into a hit and generated dozens of leads in the first week of publication.

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