One Page = 2,000 Leads


What do you do when you don’t have a product yet, but you need to get a lot of people really excited about your potential? Well, first you come to Rock Candy Media, then we do the hard stuff. HERdacity was creating a social platform from scratch and had three months to build an audience for the launch – without anything to show potential users to get them excited. Lesser agencies may have balked at this challenge, but we rolled with it.

Herdacity Leard Case Study


Our first step was getting to know HERdacity’s audience really, really well. We did this by soliciting direct feedback in the form of a survey that we sent out to influencers and potential targets. We then used those answers to hone a distinctive voice on social media – which grew our follower counts by hundreds every week. With credibility established on social, we launched a simple landing page with a sign-up form and the promise of big things to come. Using only social media and word of mouth, we acquired 2,000 users for a site that didn’t even exist yet.

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