Marketing Plans The Campaign Compass

Austin-based, national-facing answering service Hastings Humans came to Rock Candy Media with the goal of going national. But setting up general campaign checkpoints was too nebulous for the RCM team’s taste, so the script got flipped, discarded, and traded in for a more reliable roadmap.


Not following the worn out traditions of marketing and PR is what makes RCM the template smashing powerhouse that gets clients press, new business, and any intangible glory they desire. However, that also makes the team’s methods harder for the uninitiated to follow. To keep the Hastings owners in the loop, RCM provided a step-by-step document showing how HH was going to climb from local referrals to niche markets nationwide.

Rock Candy Media gives you both madness, and method- all with the trademark excess you know your business deserves. Let us take the wheel for a change.