Data Analysis


At RCM, analytics isn’t just a chart spit out by a piece of software. It’s a careful synthesis of the data followed by thoughtful problem solving. The results are ad spends optimized with the right creative and pinpointed targeting.

Data Analysis Done Right


Experimentation is the key to finding the perfect advertising mix of messaging, design, and targeted distribution. Why use one piece of copy on our Facebook ads when we can try out several then move our spend to the top performers? When there are many different options for targeting, we’ll test out the most likely to find out which works best. That’s how RCM can get up to 4x the average click through rate on B2B Facebook ads. After and during each campaign, we analyze every essential indicator of success. The resulting insights could tell us whether we want to change the script of upcoming video content, or swap out a new headline on the homepage of a website. When all your marketing is integrated through RCM, each insight is stretched further.