The Carlton Group


What does $125 billion look like? That’s what Rock Candy Media had to determine when setting out to redesign and rebuild The Carlton Group’s website.

Web Design


NYC-based real estate private equity bankers The Carlton Group had previously employed Rock Candy Media to boost leasing at several of their many investment properties. More than pleased with those results, they turned their focus on themselves. Since 1991, The Carlton Group had raised $125 billion in capital for massive real estate projects across the globe, but their website was still stuck in the 90’s. Rock Candy Media understood that for investors to hand over millions, trust needed to be implicit. The web redesign grants The Carlton Group an unquestioning authority in their realm, positioning them as preeminent innovators in their field. After launch, further search engine optimization and targeted ad campaigns to international investors and builders run by RCM continue to be in new business on an ongoing basis.