Giving the Doc a Face Lift
Austin Urology Institute

Dr. Koushik Shaw first approached Rock Candy Media to announce his new location for his Austin Urology Institute. The purpose was to let people know ‘we’re here!’ and to be found in search. A few years later and Dr. Shaw is now one of the most forward-thinking doctors in Austin. A pioneer in robotic surgery, Dr. Shaw needed a modern website that highlighted the institute’s clinical services.


The Difference a Page Makes

The new Austin Urology Institute site shows the difference the UX can make when it comes to conversions. While AUI’s old site featured all of the content that the good doctor needed get noticed online, visitors to his site didn’t always mean new patients. Austin Urology Institute’s new site makes it as simple as possible for potential patients to sign up for an appointment.

AUI case study

The first thing visitors to the site see, aside from the cool, competent face of Dr. Shaw and his staff, is a massive call to action encouraging new appointments. As the user scrolls down the page, AUI’s main services are visible in simple overviews with specific calls to action for each service. The new site’s simple navigation and clean design had the intended effect. Almost immediately after the new site launch, AUI saw a 73% increase in conversions. It proves the old adage true – you can lead a horse to water, but if the water is buried under a difficult to find call to action, the horse will leave you and go drink your competitor’s water.