Gaming Google

Organic Search Optimization

Zippivet is new, cutting edge but relatively unknown. They were great at treating patients that walked through their doors, but needed some help getting them there. Along with a comprehensive digital ad strategy, we set our long term goals on ranking for relevant Google searches.

Google is not especially kind to newcomers. They would rather send users to websites with a history. To build that kind of authority locally, we encouraged current customers to leave positive Google reviews so they would show up in a google search. Concurrently, RCM’s strategists went deep into the keywords, and found that competitors were getting significant traffic from common health questions and other pet-related queries.

Through rigorous blogging, RCM got ZippiVet to rank for “best dog breeds for families,” “dog friendly restaurants Austin,” and “white worms in dogs.” All these terms indicate the person searching has a potential four-legged patient roaming their home. ZippiVet’s online presence became more than an online brochure for a vet clinic––it became an online hub of pet-related information for local residents, earning their trust and their business.