From Forums to Foot Traffic

Sometimes, clients will ask Rock Candy Media to help them sell products that people want, but which media platforms don’t always want to advertise. Such was the case with Austin Vape and Smoke, a local business that provides Austin vapers with great gear and great service.

Getting People to Spend Without A Spend
Normally, driving traffic to a local business through digital channels is one of the easier things to do. You already know where your customers live! However, when you’re not allowed to run ads, you need to get creative. To get around this restriction, RCM took Austin Vape and Smoke’s message to the people.

AVS forum to foot traffic

Step one was letting people know that Austin Vape and Smoke had all the latest vaping equipment. By highlighting AVS’ rare and unusual offerings on their site and juicing up their social and meta descriptions, we were able to boost them to the front page of Google for essential keywords. From there, RCM got even more granular, talking up AVS wherever people were talking up vaping: Reddit, comments sections and vape forums. After only a few months of this underground marketing, Austin Vape and Smoke saw a 10% increase in store traffic.