Freedom Of The Press

Don’t be lazy about getting press. Legitimacy takes price off the table and shortens the sales cycle. Go beyond putting your press release on the wire. At RCM we stretch every client’s dollar so our top priority is to position our client and the brand we’ve created as the ultimate authority in their respective industry. After RCM has branded you, we’re able to get you the kind of press most people have to pay for. Native advertising is getting played out – paying Buzzfeed to place an ad on their regular content page isn’t as subtle as we’d like at RCM. Luckily, our content team and PR teams work together to create and pitch content that publishers can’t help but run. At the end of the day everyone at RCM is a strategist.



Extra! RCM Is Great

Our clients get featured in the publications their target audience reads already. For example, our company founder, Annie Liao Jones, was recently in Fast Company. Zippivet’s Dr. Wystrach was a featured columnist in Bark Magazine, Sirenalia’s own Jason Darling’s mermaid production team got a feature in the Austin Business Journal, and Michael Parker of Opal Divine’s in a regular feature in the Austin American Statesman. No publicity is bad publicity, but the best publicity is free publicity.  

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