Creating A New Classic
Inherit Hotel Group


The Inherit Hotel Group was not, initially, any sort of “group” at all. Like any great business it had humble but unique and ambitious beginnings that ultimately led to success. Their first venture, The Guesthouse Hotel in Chicago, was born in a building initially meant to be luxury apartments, but was converted (slightly) into a hotel. We say “slightly” because the genius appeal of The Guesthouse Hotel (and now The Inherit Hotel Group) is that it doesn’t simply provide a room to its guests, but a home away from home. Its “rooms” are, for all intents and purposes, still luxury apartments. Once they did decide to build on their success and bring their unique hotel model to other cities, our clients decided if they were going to truly provide travelers a home in a new city, that the hotel names should reflect the culture of the city it was in. Thus, each new hotel would be named with their new locale in mind. So, they decided, they would also need a name for the umbrella brand that managed these hotels. They asked us to create one that would reflect the values and mission of their business.

Inherit Hotel Group Naming Case Study

It’s not possible to effectively brand a business if you don’t understand or care about the people who own it. A client’s brand, which is an extension of their business, is their baby. We understand that because we too have a business and a brand. So to us, learning about the client — what they believe, what they want to achieve — is paramount. And so that’s what we did. We spoke with our clients about their goals, their values, and about what they love. (In this case, the importance of heirlooms.) Then we paired that knowledge with what their business provides, both in terms of service and aesthetic. With all that in mind our entire creative team put their heads together, created a list of options, and presented them to the client. Shortly after, The Inherit Hotel Group was officially born.

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