Bathroom Blitz
Austin Urology Institute


Every agency strives to pitch a marketing campaign that might be ‘different’ to their client, and have their client give them the green light. We handled the pitch to The Long Center and made it a win-win for both parties. Every men’s and women’s restroom stalls were branded with classy, framed urological health messages.

AUI sxsw


The restroom ads for the Austin Urology Institute at The Long Center did just that – SXSW visitors and other agency leaders started a trend by taking pictures and tweeting about them. When the campaign is good enough to make someone stop and take photos in the bathroom, you know it’s been done right. The Results: Before SXSW, signs were already being swiped from the stalls. Locals were also taking pictures of their own accord to share. However, we suspect some Austin visitors may have wanted an unorthodox souvenir.