Barking Up the Right Tree

ZippiVet, Austin’s super-modern people friendly pet hospital, came to Rock Candy Media after being let down by another agency that promised a lot, but couldn’t deliver. We knew that ZippiVet had everything it needed to become Austin’s favorite animal hospital once the word got out – so we put the word out, everywhere.

Spreading ZippiVet Like Fleas

Once our plan got cooking, Austin pet owners couldn’t help but hear about ZippiVet. We targeted digital ads to every pet owner in the city, hit them with social content aimed straight at their heartstrings (and wallets), got into their cars through Waze and even did an old school door hanger campaign. The result?

ZippiVet exceeded December sales projections by 60%. To put a new spin on an old chestnut, great strategy is a great product’s best friend.

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